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 Palo Verde short 9

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Palo Verde short 9 Empty
PostSubject: Palo Verde short 9   Palo Verde short 9 EmptyTue Oct 09, 2012 9:54 am

Located South of Glendale Ave and 15th Ave on Maryland. Fun as it is cheap. Pretty much the reason i go there every week. bout 22 dollars gets you a green fee and cart, if split between 2 people then just 15 dollars per person. Great staff, only downside is there driving range is irons only.

Epitome of a short 9, only 3 par 4's about 300 yards each.

Great for beginner golfers or golfers like my self, not a beginner, but still dialing in my swing for accuracy.
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Palo Verde short 9
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