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 Trade in your irons with Callaway RAZR X this year

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Trade in your irons with Callaway RAZR X this year Empty
PostSubject: Trade in your irons with Callaway RAZR X this year   Trade in your irons with Callaway RAZR X this year EmptyTue Mar 18, 2014 9:17 pm

r11 irons As oversized irons go, the Callaway RAZR X irons were a nice size and the top line was confidence inspiring without being too thick. They made the contact feel better and was it more consistent.

They were also very forgiving to hit with a lovely feel and sound and the uniflex steel shaft helped deliver a powerful strike. Callaway has tweaked the circumference of the safe hitting zone on the face. This allows for that .."closer to the toe.." strike that 92% of all golfers are guilty of. This reduces the distance lost on those toed miss hits. So in actually raises the average of an average golfer's distance off of each club by 4-7 yards.

They look like the classic irons of the X series of the past but the offset seems more subtle and the styling a little sharper, so if you have the wherewithal, then this is a set to consider for mid handicappers. r11 irons for sale Don't get me wrong here though. If you smack one of these in the real sweet spot...and not just the safe hitting will see the real distance potential these clubs have. Besides the "toe-forgiveness factor" these clubs also have that fluted attachment to the rear of the cavity. That helps lower the center of gravity and add to the easy launch factor.

Balance on these is pretty darned good for Game Improvement Irons. That's good to know too, because oft times Callaway's tendencies towards lighter swing weights does not sit too well for those in search of club head awarenes. The way this club's sole interfaces with the turf because of that is amazing. You get smooth as silk interaction off of most lies. Better yet, that steepness of angle, ping rapture v2 irons and over-the-top move, which are the bane of most amateur golfers' existencse, become much less of a factor without the need to play an iron with an overly bulbous sole.

To sum up, the clubs look good, sound good and have added yards to my shots, dropped my handicap from 15 to 13 since switching. The clubs are very forgiving and I would not hesitate in recommending these clubs to mid-handicappers.

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Trade in your irons with Callaway RAZR X this year
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