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 The difference of rbz Stage 2 fairway wood and original RBZ

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The difference of rbz Stage 2 fairway wood and original RBZ Empty
PostSubject: The difference of rbz Stage 2 fairway wood and original RBZ   The difference of rbz Stage 2 fairway wood and original RBZ EmptyTue Mar 18, 2014 9:15 pm

taylormade jetspeed driver In 2013 TaylorMade has now released an update to the Rocketballz line with cheap RBZ Stage 2 Fairway Wood. It has a lower profile with a shallower clubface. With a low center of gravity, the clubs are designed to boost launch angle.

The Stage 2 fairway woods have taken the benefits of the original Rocketballz and added small tweaks to make the clubs even better. The first technology that was also integrated into the original fairway woods is the speed pocket which is designed right behind the clubface on the bottom of the club. The purpose of the speed pocket is to increase speed and also produce a high launch for the club. TaylorMade has received that feedback and has improved the speed pocket to provide a performance benefit to the Stage 2 clubs.

Another piece of technology that was found on the first edition of the Rocketballz fairway wood that has been transferred and improved in the Stage 2, is how TaylorMade engineers have moved the Center of Gravity (CG) forward in the club. Ping G20 Irons By moving the CG forward and lower inside the clubhead it provides more speed, higher launch and less spin. This lower CG technology is very unique to RocketBallz, as most fairway woods have the CG higher and farther back in the club.

A major difference in the Stage 2 design over the original RBZ is the lower head profile to help with higher launch. The face has also been designed to be shallower than the original clubhead. This change is most noticeable at address when the clubhead is put behind the ball. Also at address you will notice the new crown graphics to promote better alignment at set up.

In the use of the original RBZ fairway wood, Ping G15 Irons I would often have trouble from the fairway having a high launch because it was quite difficult for me to get it airborne. The Stage 2 fairway wood is a big improvement in this area. In complete disclosure I still struggled to hit this club as high as some of the other fairway woods on the market today.

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The difference of rbz Stage 2 fairway wood and original RBZ
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