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 New Taylormade SpeedBlade Irons

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PostSubject: New Taylormade SpeedBlade Irons   Sun Sep 15, 2013 12:53 pm

TaylorMade’s CEO, Mark King, said the company has changed the dynamics of the iron business. The company’s Executive Vice President of Product Development, Sean Toulon, said it’s the biggest advancement in golf equipment since woods became “metal woods.”

Say what you want about TaylorMade’s speed pocket, a slot in the sole of its irons that the company claims makes “all other irons inferior.” But there’s one thing you can’t say: that TaylorMade executives aren’t betting the farm on it.

TaylorMade’s newest iron, SpeedBlade, was announced Monday night at the BMW Championship in an event that felt more like an iPhone launch than a golf equipment event. In attendance were the usual golf equipment writers, but also veteran PGA Tour scribes, who would have likely taken the night off had it been any other golf equipment company’s event. But with PGA Tour superstars Sergio Garcia, Jason Day, Dustin Johnson and Justin Rose in attendance, the SpeedBlade event slipped past the realm of golf equipment and into that of golf culture.

Click Link to See Full Article:

 photo tmspeedblades_zpse7cd63fa.png


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New Taylormade SpeedBlade Irons
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