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 Wildfire Palmer Course

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PostSubject: Wildfire Palmer Course   Wildfire Palmer Course EmptyTue Jul 02, 2013 10:31 pm

With the hot as hell temperatures that we have here in AZ it gives a lot of us the opportunity to head out and play higher end type courses for a lot cheaper than the snow birds pay.   With that being say on Sunday mrw3334 and myself headed out to play the Wildfire Palmer Course at the Marriott in North Phoenix

The course itself was a blast to play.  The greens where in GREAT condition and even the staff was very friendly as the sweat was poring off of there faces.

We played the course from the back Tees which made the course decently long.  The fairways are a little tighter than most but overall the course was fun.  I don't think that it is has hard as people make it out to be.  My golf game was horrible on Sunday but even with that being said I didn't feel that intimidated by it.

We did have fun watching the twosome that we where paired with get hammered throughout the morning....especially when one of them is playing in sandals

 photo image_zpsd954013c.jpg

G15 w/ProForce 65g Stiff Flex
07 Burner w/ Proforce 76g Stiff Flex
Adams A4 19* w/Proforce 86g stiff
G20 4-7 iron
I20 8-PW(bent to G20 specs)
Cleveland cg16 50*; cg14 54*; cg14 58*
Ping Scottsdale "Y Worry"

Contact us with any questions comments or concerns at: or here on the Forum
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Wildfire Palmer Course
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