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 NEW Cobra's AMP Cell Pro Driver

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PostSubject: NEW Cobra's AMP Cell Pro Driver   Sat Oct 13, 2012 11:04 pm

Cobra’s AMP Cell Pro Driver is the driver you will see in the hands of Cobra staffers in 2013.

It’s 20 cc’s smaller than the AMP Cell, and because of its more neutral center of gravity position, which mimics Cobra’s well-received ZL Encore driver that debuted in 2012, it is also much lower spinning.

Like most drivers on the market, the AMP Cell driver’s lofts are actually higher than marked (a 9.5-degree driver loft loft is usually at least 10 or 10.5 degrees). But the AMP Cell Pro has true lofts, which range from 7.5 degrees top 10.5 degrees and make the Pro lower launching than the AMP Cell as well.

Instead of the two draw settings at 9.5 degrees and 10.5 degrees on the AMP Cell Driver, the AMP Cell Pro driver offers two fade settings at 8.5 degrees and 9.5 degrees. Since Cobra’s MyFly technology does not change the face angle when changing lofts, the fade setting is created by giving the club a flatter lie angle (for the non-pro version, the draw setting is achieved by making the club more upright at address). The draw-and-fade settings change the lie angle by two degrees, which Cobra’s tests show to create about 8 yards of sidespin.

The stock shaft, a Fujikura KuroKage, is lower-launching, lower spinning and stiffer than the AMP Cell’s Fujikura Fuel shaft.
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PostSubject: Re: NEW Cobra's AMP Cell Pro Driver   Sun Oct 14, 2012 8:31 am

Not really a Cobra fan but this driver does look super sick!
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NEW Cobra's AMP Cell Pro Driver
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