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PostSubject: 2013 MASTERS CHALLENGE RULES   Wed Apr 03, 2013 8:35 pm

2013 Masters Contest Rules

Golf Arizona Forum is a happy to announce the 2013 Masters Contest

We want to try to keep the rules as easy as possible.

-Each Member is allowed to pick 3 players who they think will win the 2013 Masters

Picks must be made by members by April 10th at 8:00pm MST

A tie will be decided in 2 ways.

1. In the case more than one member picks the same winner. Golf Arizona will add of the total FED EX Cup points of the 3 picks each winning Member made. The member with the highest Fed Ex Cup points wins.

2. EVERY Member must answer the following question in their post. " How many birdies will the winner make?"

All Members must make there picks in the designated section of the forum. This section is Golf Arizona Forum News. The Thread will be called. 2013 Masters Picks

Winner gets $60 in Golfsmith Gift Cards

Thank you and Good Luck!

G15 w/ProForce 65g Stiff Flex
07 Burner w/ Proforce 76g Stiff Flex
Adams A4 19* w/Proforce 86g stiff
G20 4-7 iron
I20 8-PW(bent to G20 specs)
Cleveland cg16 50*; cg14 54*; cg14 58*
Ping Scottsdale "Y Worry"

Contact us with any questions comments or concerns at: or here on the Forum
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